Podcasting 101: Connect with Your Fans, Spread Your Message, and Build Your Brand Through Audio

Day + Time: 1/20/2017 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Room: 124B

Difficulty Level: Beginner

Demographics: All Attendees

Instructor(s): Marie Segares

Fees: Member: $0.00 / Non-member: $15.00

Class Description: There's a huge​ opportunity for you to use the power of your voice to connect with your fans and hold their attention for 30 or 60 minutes – that’s much longer than they would spend reading your blog or watching your videos. It's easier now than ever before for your followers to subscribe to your podcast with their smartphone or in their car. Getting started can be daunting, so join me to learn the basics of podcasting, create a show concept and get the fundamental information you need to get started.

MsegaresInstructor Bio: Marie Segares is a craft blogger, crochet and knitting designer, teacher, podcaster, and small business consultant. Marie shares crochet and knitting patterns, craft projects, and recipes on her blog as Underground Crafter and hosts a biweekly podcast for yarn-industry indies, the Creative Yarn Entrepreneur Show.