Relics and Artifacts Shrine

Sponsor: Prima Marketing Inc

Day + Time: 1/21/2017 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Room: 128AB

Difficulty Level: All Levels Welcome

Demographics: Retailers

Instructor(s): John Creighton Petersen and Debby Anderson

Fees: Member: $100.00 / Non-member: $130.00

Class Description:

This is the perfect introduction to learn how to incorporate mixed media into jewelryw303
making. Meet the Relics and Artifacts line of products created by our artist Sandra Evertson. Sandra will share her inspiration behind creating the Relics and Artifacts line of products, and will be joined by other Relics and Artifacts Ambassadors to inspire you to create your own stunning mixed media works of art. Relics and Artifacts Ambassador Milagros Rivera will be joining John Creighton Petersen as instructors and they can’t wait to share with you this fabulous project that you will be making in class while you have the opportunity to spend time with Relics and Artifacts Creator Sandra Evertson.

Items to Bring: None