W101: Beginner Bouncy Brush Lettering

Sponsor: American Crafts

Day + Time: 1/17/2019 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Room: 121A

Difficulty Level: Beginner

Demographics: All Buyers
Professional Maker/DIY'er
Digital Content Creator

Instructor(s): Kelly Klapstein

Fees: Member: $90.00 / Non-member: $120.00

Class Description: Beginner Bouncy Brush LetteringThe Kelly Creates (KC) line of hand lettering products, which debuted at Creativation 2017, are quality educational lettering products developed by Kelly Klapstein and American Crafts. In this workshop, learn the basics of brush pen calligraphy in the popular bouncy style using new workbooks and pens from the KC brand. With Kelly's system of workbooks with tracing pages, you can learn alone at home at your own pace or in a class hosted by your store where you will help your customers improve brush pen skills. The art of brush lettering is taking over where the coloring books left off, filling a niche in the market of selling relaxation and calm. Picking up a pen and paper becomes a meditative practice that allows people to escape their hectic lives overrun by technology. Lettering skills are then applied to artistic and crafty projects, such as art journals, planners, bullet journals, cards, scrapbook pages, home décor, and more. Breathe. Write. Relax. And enjoy the art of writing beautiful letters.

Items To Bring: None