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by Association For Creative Industries
January 16-20, 2020

Phoenix Convention Center, Phoenix, AZ
Education begins January ​16
Show floor open January 18-20

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Innovation Talks

Saturday, January 18 | 2:45 p.m. – 3:15 p.m.

E301: How to Grow Your Flower Business: Now is the Time to Burst Into Bloom 

J Schwanke, Host, J. Schwanke’s Life In Bloom

SchwankeFlowers are blossoming, and flower trends are quickly growing. Did you know that Millennials and Gen Z customers are cultivating a valuable relationship with flowers and plants?  Craft retailers have a garden of opportunity to offer a complete and unrivaled 'Flower Experience' for their customers, giving their business the chance to burst into bloom! Join J Schwanke, host of Public Television’s Life in Bloom, for a talk about the importance of implementing a uniquely diversified product mix, planting innovative displays, and arranging the elements of your store like a bouquet. J will include flower-rich color trends, faux and fresh flower directions, and more. You will leave this talk armed with data on the changing floral customer base, and learn how you can harness the 'Flower Power' to grab the attention of next-generation buyers.

Sunday, January 19 | 11:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.

E401: Connect through Tech: What’s New and Why It Matters

Kizer BenderGeorganne Bender, Rich Kizer, Consumer Anthropologists, KIZER & BENDER Speaking! LLC

Mannequins that “talk”, tables that queue up videos when you pick up a product, and robots that help keep your sales floor neat and tidy. Sound far fetched? AI, VR and tech that makes running your store easier is here now; the next 5 years will bring even more. Join Georganne Bender and Rich Kizer and learn about retail trends and technologies that will be here before we know it, plus how to implement them in your own store.

Sunday, January 19 | 2:45 p.m. – 3:15 p.m.

E402: How Video Saved Our Business (and Why It Can Save Yours Too)

Misty Doan, Video Production Manager, Missouri Star Quit Co.

From bankruptcy to YouTube sensation, the family behind the Missouri Star Quilt Co. has had a whirlwind journey. Hear their story and the impact that embracing video and innovative technology has had on one organization. As production manager, Misty Doan is on the forefront for how to use video in the future to enhance their offerings, reach new audiences, and communicate their message. She will share research and insights around video including new tools and apps, challenges you may face along the way, consumer trends, and more.